how to use botim video and voice call

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how to use botim video and voice call

To use BOTIM for video and voice calls, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

1. Download and Install the App:
First, you’ll need to download and install the BOTIM app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, depending on your device’s operating system.

2. Sign Up or Log In:
Once the app is installed, open it and either sign up for a new account or log in with your existing credentials if you already have an account.

3. Verify Your Number:
After signing up, you may need to verify your phone number via a confirmation code sent to your mobile device through SMS or a phone call.

4. Grant Necessary Permissions:
Ensure that BOTIM has access to your device’s camera, microphone, and contacts to enable video and voice calling.

5. Add Contacts:
To make calls, you’ll need to add contacts within the app. You can manually enter a contact’s phone number or allow the app to sync with your phone’s contact list.

6. Initiate a Call:
To start a video or voice call, tap on the contact you wish to call, and then select the video or voice call icon.

7. Accepting Calls:
If someone calls you, you’ll receive a notification on your device. Tap to accept the call and begin your conversation.

8. Enjoy Your Call:
Once the call is connected, you can enjoy your video or voice conversation with your contact. You can switch between voice and video calls during the conversation as per your preference.

Remember that some features and steps may vary slightly depending on app updates and device specifications.

It’s important to note that using BOTIM for video and voice calls may require a stable internet connection, preferably over Wi-Fi, as video calls tend to consume more data compared to voice calls. Additionally, international calls may incur additional charges depending on your service provider and the country you are calling.

Always be mindful of data usage and potential charges, especially when making international calls, and consider using a Wi-Fi connection whenever possible to ensure a smooth calling experience without incurring excessive data fees.

best features of botim

BOTIM offers a range of features designed to enhance the communication experience for its users. Here are some of the best features of BOTIM:

1. Video and Voice Calling: BOTIM allows users to make video and voice calls to their contacts using a secure and reliable platform. The app supports high-quality video and voice calls, making it easier to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues.

2. Messaging: In addition to calling, BOTIM offers messaging functionality, enabling users to send text messages, emojis, and multimedia files to their contacts. This feature provides a convenient way to communicate in real-time, even when a voice or video call may not be possible.

3. Group Chats: Users can create and participate in group chats, allowing multiple people to engage in a conversation simultaneously. Group chats are great for coordinating with friends or colleagues and staying connected with larger circles of friends and family.

4. Emojis and Stickers: BOTIM includes a wide range of emojis and stickers to help users express themselves and add a personal touch to their messages. These visual elements can liven up conversations and convey emotions effectively.

5. Photo and Video Sharing: With the ability to share photos and videos within the app, users can easily exchange media files to enrich their conversations and share memorable moments with their contacts.

6. Language Support: BOTIM supports multiple languages, making it accessible to a diverse user base across different regions and countries.

7. End-to-End Encryption: To prioritize user privacy and security, BOTIM features end-to-end encryption for calls and messages, ensuring that communications remain secure and protected from unauthorized access.

8. Call and Message History: The app maintains a call and message history, allowing users to review their past communications and easily access previous conversations.

9. Compatibility: BOTIM is compatible with various types of devices, including smartphones and tablets across different platforms, making it versatile and accessible to a broad user base.

10. International Calling: BOTIM offers international calling functionality, allowing users to connect with contacts in other countries at competitive rates, making it an attractive option for those with international connections.

11. User-Friendly Interface: The app boasts a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate through its features and functionalities.

12. Customer Support: BOTIM provides customer support options, allowing users to reach out for assistance in case they encounter any issues or have inquiries about the app’s usage.

13. Subscription Options: Users have the option to subscribe to various plans that offer additional features and benefits, such as access to international calling or removing advertisements.

These features collectively contribute to making BOTIM a comprehensive communication platform, catering to the diverse needs of its users while prioritizing security, convenience, and quality of service.


In conclusion, BOTIM stands out as a robust communication application offering an array of features designed to facilitate seamless and secure interactions between its users. From high-quality video and voice calling to messaging, group chats, and international calling capabilities, the app caters to diverse communication needs. With a user-friendly interface, language support, and emphasis on privacy through end-to-end encryption, BOTIM has established itself as a versatile and reliable platform for staying connected with friends, family, and colleagues. As the app continues to evolve and enhance its offerings, it remains a strong contender in the realm of communication applications, providing a valuable means for users to connect and engage with others across the globe.


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