Top 5 Korean Exercises to Lose Weight – How Korean Celebs are So Strong & HitFit

Korean Exercises to Lose Weight is getting famous after the worldwide success of K-pop and BTS. The celebrities of Korean drama and music industry inspire millions of youngsters.

They get inspiration from their journey. Here, we are going to mention their workout routine. That is the main reason for their super fit personalities.


Top five Korean Exercises to Lose Weight

It is very easy for us to criticize people. It has never been easy to go from obesity to fitness, even for celebrities. They have work hard for it. The famous Korean exercises to lose weight are mention below;

1. Jogging – Korean Exercises to Lose Weight

Jogging is the traditional way to lose weight. It’s adopted by many famous Korean actors. Their workout routines keep them active and healthy at the same time.

Kim So Hyun, Nam Joo Hyuk are usually clicked by paparazzi during their Jog time. It’s always fun to watch their pictures and videos for their Fans. They really enjoy their Jogging exercise. But, they might be irritated by paparazzi interference.

One of famous Korean star Lee Jae Yoon attends Puma night run in Singapore. He loves jogging and jogging is his fitness secret. He also loves swimming. These days, he started weight lifting to strengthen his arms, shoulders, back and chest.

Korean Exercises to Lose Weight
Korean Exercises to Lose Weight

2. Hiking – Korean Exercises to Lose Weight

Hiking term is usually used for long walks in natural environment. Hiking is very famous activity of Korean celebs. There are plenty of movies and dramas where celebrities are hiking. Do you know in real life the many of Korean actors love Hiking? We can analyze this by their social media platforms.

The famous celebrities like Beanpole, Gong Yoo and Yoo Ah Li. Even, Lee Min Ho favourite workout is hiking. He loves Hiking in famous Korean Exercises to Lose Weight.

It’s not an easy workout routine, but in the result, you get a perfect physique. It’s very interesting to know that one of BTS member Jungkook went hiking with his dog. Junkook staff members are not with him. He was only with his pet.

Korean Exercises to Lose Weight
Korean Exercises to Lose Weight

3. Swimming – Korean Exercises to Lose Weight

Swimming biggest advantage is that it engages your whole body. It works on your head to toe. It used to build strength and tone muscles. Some Korean actors are expert swimmers.

They like and practice swimming at regular intervals. Sung Hoo is famous for his acting and voice over’s.

Do you know Sung Hoo is swimming champion in his university life? He swam for 14 years but after his spinal injury he left swimming. Park Bo Gum is famous for his psychopath lawyer role in Korean television series.

Park Bo Gum was also swimming professionally at a young age. Some other Korean stars who adopt swimming as workout are So Ji Sub and Lee Jong Suk. Even many Korean Stars are a regular member of swimming organizations.

Korean Exercises to Lose Weight
Korean Exercises to Lose Weight

4. Pilates – Korean Exercises to Lose Weight

Pilates is the main source to stabilize your body. It’s a workout that engages your mind and body. It works the stomach zone on both a profound and shallow level to accomplish genuine centre quality.

Pilates implying that the moves connect with a wide scope of muscles, from your profound inside transverse abdominals to the rectus abdominals on top.

Many Korean celebs are found of Pilates. It helps them to reshape their body perfectly. Famous personalities like Shin Se Kyung, Naeun and Eun Ji favourite workout is Pilates. There moves are so flawless in Pilates. Usually, they express their love for Pilates by Social media platforms i.e; Instagram and Facebook

Korean Exercises to Lose Weight
Korean Exercises to Lose Weight

5. Yoga – Korean Exercises to Lose Weight

Yoga joining of reflection and breathing can help improve a person’s mental thriving. Customary yoga practice makes mental clearness and serenity; expands body mindfulness; diminishes ceaseless pressure designs; loosens up the brain; focuses consideration, and hones fixation.

Many Korean celebs make their body super slim with aerial yoga. Jeon Ji Hyun and Shin Se-Kyung are very conscious about their fitness.

A very famous fitness celeb of Korea Yang Jung Won elaborated that yoga is the finest way to get a lean body. She added in her explanation that yoga movement helps her to be fit and healthy.

Korean Exercises to Lose Weight
Korean Exercises to Lose Weight

K-Pop Idols Workout RoutineKorean Exercises to Lose Weight

1. Momo do twist plank.

2. Junghwa loves to dance

3. Nickhun usually workout at home.

4. AOA is a Yogi

5. Lay check-in at Gym

6. Wendy Workout regularly

7. IU like Aerobics Workout

8. Suzy Penguine is also a workout freak

Final Words – Korean Exercises to Lose Weight

Korean superstars are known for having very slight bodies, with certain symbols and on-screen characters in any event, being able to stretch around their whole abdomen with only one arm.

And keeping in mind that numerous fans credit big names’ slender bodies to crazy weight control plans and a great deal of activity, one Korean VIP uncovered an exercise that numerous female symbols and entertainers use to lessen their abdomen size by a whole 5 centimetres (around 2 inches).

The snappy one-minute procedure, which was demonstrated to be successful on screen, is as per the following:

  1. Put your feet and knees together, and put your hands over your head. Stretch your arms as high as possible for 10 seconds.
  2. Flex your abdomen in this position and tilt left and right 10 seconds each.
  3. Put your hands on your head (fingers crossed) and contort left and right 10 seconds each.

So, Do you like Korean Exercises to Lose Weight?

which one is your most favorite?

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