Facts about Kids – 12 powerful reasons with Images

Facts about kids

Kids are the most precious gift of our lord. They are an important source of happiness in our life. We all know their growth stages amuse us. Children are a true entertainers of our life. Sometimes it looks like they are growing very fast.

Children have their own world. In which they act, respond to us and delight us. We all like their innocent activities. They always bring smiles to our faces. No kid comes with his instruction book in this world. We have to deal with each kid according to his mental level.

Who doesn’t love kids?

YES!!! We all do.

facts about kids
facts about kids

There are some major facts about kids.

Love to roam outsideFacts about KIDS

Kids love to roam here and there. Whenever they get a chance they start running. We can observe that in any event, that kid is roaming around. In fact, their favorite activity is running. Kids roam about in search of fun. They love to have fun & giggles all around.

They make groups and start their games. Even in serious situations.

They have their own self imagined wonderland.

Get scared to new thingsFacts about KIDS

We usually access that kids get scared with new situations even new persons around them. In this regard, playland’s clown is their biggest fear. They get frightened. Some of the kids start screaming. But once you make them comfortable with that specific clown, they become friendly.

  • Eat more sweet things

Kid’s favorite foods are sweet. They like chocolates, candies, and ice-cream. They don’t like to eat proper nutritious food. Somehow, feeding children is difficult in a way when the food is not sweet. They want desserts all the time.


Eating too many sweeteners can cause tooth decay.

Hide their mistakesFacts about KIDS

We all make mistakes. But kids try to hide their mistakes in a very innocent way. Their strongly believes is when they are not watching us, we can’t watch them. In this regard, they hide themselves under the bed, behind the cupboard or beside the door. Kids can’t think logically. So, be careful when you get angry at them.

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facts about kids

Parenting your kids demands much patience.

Organize the information in their own styleFacts about KIDS

Children’s development is a continuous process. There are different stages. In which they interact with us. But one thing must considerable; they always copy their elders in a specific situation. Like if we love them, adore them, and talk to them. In return, they always make us busy with their innocent talks, deeds, and interactions.,

They feel comfortable in their mother’s lap.

Memories your mistakes very smartlyFacts about KIDS

Often, children’s memory is very good. For example, as soon as you say a word that you have forbidden them to speak, they will tell you immediately why this word is forbidden us. They follow our actions, not our talks.

So rather focusing on what they should do? We should focus on what we are doing???

facts about kids
facts about kids

Start crying for protectionFacts about KIDS

All children have this strategy. They have the idea that their parents want them happy. Their parents did their best to get smiles on their faces. So, forgetting anything from their favorite toy shop, they make a dramatic situation. They start crying in a very weird way. Even strangers get surprised at what’s going on. In the end, parents fulfill their demands. The majority of mothers want to be alone in grocery shopping. Fathers stay with kids at home.

Hide and seek is their favorite gameFacts about KIDS

Their favorite game is “hide and seek”. They love to hide in vulnerable places. Children love to get pampered. They always feel special when getting appreciation. It might be just clapping for them or small candy. Sometimes for getting attention, they make themselves hide. So, mommy gets tensed and starts searching for them.

Escape from learning new thingsFacts about KIDS

This point varies from kid to kid. Some love to learn new rules, new trends. But some of them get scared about learning new things. They escaped from that specific situation in a very innocent way. Some skills taught by parents forcefully. This might impact depends on them in a good way or a bad way. It totally depends on that specific thing.

Get annoyed for early wakeupsFacts about KIDS

Many children are upset about waking up early in the morning to going to school. They don’t like this situation. Sometimes get very emotional and start crying. Parents handle them very carefully. Try to make them happy with their favorite lunch. Give them hope that you will b taken to play-area on weekends.

Children are mini versions of youngsters.

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facts about kids

Wake up early on weekends or holidaysFacts about KIDS

The interesting fact is that at the weekend’s majority of kids wake up early in the morning. Start making noise, playing their games and watching TV in the early morning. That’s actually their school time on working days. In this situation, we can understand how brilliantly they are ruling their world.

Pretend to be very smartFacts about KIDS

Kids firmly believe they are very smart. They can tell a lie to their parents and they can’t get caught.

NO!!! It’s near to impossible.

They think we can make stories to clear our position in a parent’s eye. But every parent has all the information on their little one. They know their drawback, their insecurities, and their specialties. Children must be guided on how to react rather what to react.

Coping catsFacts about KIDS

Children are great copiers. So give them something extraordinary to copy. Children have never been very good at listening to their parents, but they have never failed to copy them. They are parent’s mini versions. They talk, eat and handle all things like their parents.

Final words

Supporting their kids in their activity makes them more confident. Kids who stand first in class are the same one who gets special attention from their parents. Their grade doesn’t matter but their strong personality matters. Stressed parents can strongly leave a negative impact on kids. They are happy souls and want to be live happily.

Children are not customized things. They are special in their own style.

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